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 Post subject: My "No Brainer" experience...
PostPosted: April 14th, 2013, 3:50 pm 

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I was going to wait until another range session and/or another a round, but screw it.

Let me preface this by saying I am a high handicapper...partly because of my skill or lack there, and partly because since I don't tend to care about my score, I make some very questionable decisions. I used to have a massive slice and no distance off the tee. Took some lessons and bam, a draw and some pretty good distance. The starting about 2 years ago, I developed a low launching hook, lessons from two different pros couldn't stop it and I lost all faith in hitting the driver. When I was hitting the driver well after that first set of lessons, my personal best was about 280 and would average close to 260.

With all that being said. I shafted the No Brainer (10.5, ~207 grams) on a GD YSQ 65 (S) and cut it to some where between 44.5" and 44.75" (static weight was 319 grams). I took it to the closest driving range on Tuesday...yeah that was a mess....all me though, it was a crappy range with the rubber tees and mats....I was anxious to try ir and didn't feel like driving to the other range (traffic is a bitch).

I played my first 9 on saturday. I kept in the bag on the first two holes opting for irons (a 280 par 4 and a 380 par 4, trying to make sure I got some good swings in). Took it out on the third hole, a short par 5 (about 430). Launched a "low" drive (pushed it right) about 250, leaving me an easy 6i to get on in 2 (which I nearly hooked into the street, luckily a tree saved me...nice chip on to recover and then... a three putt).

After seeing that drive, I hit driver on the fourth hole, a 365 yard par 4. Another low drive, about 250 yards (would have been farther but i ran into a side of a hill).

Let me further explain, when I say low launch drives, I don't mean 10 feet above the ground and roll 100 yards. I would say it was about 2/3 of my normally height when I would hit a good one.

I did use it three more times, however, I topped it each time (worm burners). When I did hit dead center on those first two drivers, it was a very solid feel, like you knew you hit a good one. I do like the feel of the heavier club (my previous "old reliable" had a static weight of 317). I got back a little of the confidence I used to have in my driver yesterday. Whether it was due to the No Brainer or a change in swing (or both), I am going to ride this baby.

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 Post subject: Re: My "No Brainer" experience...
PostPosted: April 15th, 2013, 1:49 am 

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Nice honest review yaffi! This head is a bit of a monster for sure!
Sounds similar to my first outing with one, takes a good few swings to figure the extra weight out IMO,
After my first round, although I figured it out on the back 9, I decided I wasn't happy with the reg shaft so im expecting it back today with a stiff at 44.25".
I have to say though, I'm expecting some pretty decent distance gains over my 12* Fs3,
My Fs3 is now currently ending between 220 & 240yrds, mid high launch with little roll,
I wasn't hitting my NB particularly on the back 9 but I was getting similar distance and LOTS of roll, the ball launches a lot lower than the same lofted Fs3, but it still goes far And really does hit the ground running like I've never known!
If this beast turns out as forgiving and straight as my Fs3 it will knock it out the bag! If not, then ill have to bag it anyway just for some fun on wider fairways!

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